Friday, August 27, 2010

Southbeach Diet (To apease my family who thinks I plan to eat the world)

The irony (tama ba gamit ko?) of uploading this food blog and my most recent food adventures when I did is that I also recently committed to doing the South Beach Diet. And while my previous posts scream that I will fail in this endeavor miserably, the skinny bitch living deeeeeeeeeeeeep - as in 6 ft deep - inside of me thinks it's worth the long shot.

Besides. It's not as if carbohydrates is the only scrumptious food group. They only get the most publicity. For example there is a sashimi platter in Seryna (a Japanese restaurant at Makati Cinema Square) that deserves a whole blog-post-full of praises.
Or there is this Chicken Salad sold at Dome Eastwood Mall that can give a burger a run for its money.

I will miss rice (bye yang chow), miss bread (bye focaccia), miss pasta (bye lasagna) but the reviews will continue.

And if you don't want to read about vegetables. Don't worry. Beef is not a carb.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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