Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meat and the Mafia: Good Fellas Kamuning QC

The night I decided to document what I eat was during my second visit to Good Fellas.

I first discovered Good Fellas while trolling the internet one lazy afternoon for somewhere new to dine. And thankfully, the boyfriend was willing enough to help me scour Quezon City to find it. We say it was worth the gas and the traffic. And thus in less than a week we were back.

Good Fellas is a restaurant located in Kamuning St. Quezon City. It is around 3 minutes away from EDSA and is near another restaurant called Taumbayan. It is a cozy restaurant with dark wooden chairs, red walls and of course framed Mafia movie screen caps. I couldn't really relate to the pictures (I haven't watched either Good Fellas or God Father. Yes. Yes, I will. I promise.) but I'm sure fans of the genre will love it.

Good Fellas is mainly a meat place. Their specialty is Angus beef steak in varying cuts. The boyfriend ordered (for the second time in a row) the House Steak cooked medium rare.

The meat immediately yields to the knife and surrenders to the teeth. It has a nice grilled taste that no longer needs gravy or A1 sauce. It goes perfectly with the chunky mashed potato siding.

On this occasion, I order the Johnny Roastbeef sandwich. It is ciabatta bread filled with sauteed roast beef. It is served with fries and red iced tea. Although I loved the texture of the beef, I found it a tad too salty. But I am a woman who doesn't salt her Mcdo fries. So it depends really.

My favorite though (and the dish that I unfortunately do not have a picture of) is what I ordered during my first visit - The Jimmy Two Times. What it is, is 2 pork chops cooked in two different ways. One is deep fried in tempura-like batter while the other is grilled to tender tender perfection. The fried one is okay and is a bit in need of ketchup and worcestershire but its grilled twin? OH MY YUM.
It was the most perfect pork chop I've had (dare I say it?) in my life. It inspired giddiness and salivating and the actual contemplation of ordering and devouring the dish again that same night.

After that meal, the boyfriend and I remained seated for a good hour, staring blankly at the wall, patting our worthy-of-pregnancy bellies, counting the days till our third visit. Maybe tonight?

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