Friday, August 27, 2010

Southbeach Diet (To apease my family who thinks I plan to eat the world)

The irony (tama ba gamit ko?) of uploading this food blog and my most recent food adventures when I did is that I also recently committed to doing the South Beach Diet. And while my previous posts scream that I will fail in this endeavor miserably, the skinny bitch living deeeeeeeeeeeeep - as in 6 ft deep - inside of me thinks it's worth the long shot.

Besides. It's not as if carbohydrates is the only scrumptious food group. They only get the most publicity. For example there is a sashimi platter in Seryna (a Japanese restaurant at Makati Cinema Square) that deserves a whole blog-post-full of praises.
Or there is this Chicken Salad sold at Dome Eastwood Mall that can give a burger a run for its money.

I will miss rice (bye yang chow), miss bread (bye focaccia), miss pasta (bye lasagna) but the reviews will continue.

And if you don't want to read about vegetables. Don't worry. Beef is not a carb.

Happy long weekend everyone!

Friday Iskrambol: Iskrambol Rockwell Urban Bazaar

Before anyone thinks that I only eat meat, today I am reviewing a dessert.

Does anyone here remember skrambol? I'm not really sure what the exact ingredients are but people tell me that it's mainly crushed ice mixed with syrup, strawberry flavoring, chocolate syrup and powdered milk. In high school, a manong would sell this every dismissal time. He'd be standing just outside the school gate ready to pry what's left of the students' baon in exchange for this sweet treat.

But one day, my classmate (John Michael, hello!) bought a glass. And as he was happily eating it with his other friends, he took one last swig of his skrambol and what does he discover? He discovers a dead bangaw. Not lamok. Not langaw. BANGAW. (Big ass fly).

I have never tasted skrambol before that incident and I never did hence. Until today.

At Rockwell Mall's Urban Bazaar is a colorful stall manned by 2 lovely ladies. Their ware? Iskrambol. And just like other things that are now preceded by an I (Ipad, Ipod, Iphone...), this was also touted to be the skrambol to end all other skrambols. Not only was it priced at an affordable 20 pesos (for a large cup. It's 10 pesos for a small cup), it is also guaranteed to be made in sanitary conditions. Best of all, real strawberries were used to give it that extra worthy-of-Rockwell X factor.

I ordered a cup and asked for extra choco sprinkles on top. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and ate it.

And I loved it! It was smooth and creamy and the strawberries tasted real and not at all mediciney. And the chocolate sprinkles contrasted well with the iskrambol's overall sweet-sour fruity taste.

There were no unwanted surprises to be found at the end of the cup either. Just a hunger for more.

Catch Iskrambol at Rockwell's Urban Bazaar from Aug 27 - Aug 29 2010.

Free Steak!: Myron's Place Greenbelt

Yesterday, my team's metals turned into a grilled cow.

Our ECD treated me and my officemates to Myron's Place at Greenbelt 5. Not one to turn down the offer of free food, I was there the moment the clock struck 12 noon.

The waiters and the staff were really friendly and accommodating but it does not hasten food service. You really have to allow at least 15 mins. for your orders (may it be a main or an appetizer) to arrive.

But not to worry because Myron's has the best free bread in the whole wide world.

It's a warm, soft, sweet rye bread served with butter. You don't have to take my word on how comfortingly delicious the bread was. You can just ask the waitress how many refills of that bread we requested ALL THROUGH OUT THE MEAL. We probably wiped their stock clean. Trust me. It's divine.

The gluttony continued with a set of appetizers.

First off was the Mushroom Crostini. Let me just say right now that I love cheese. I just love it. And the Mushroom Crostini was just a cheese-lovers fantasy. It was melted cheese porn. I loved every bite of the crunchy bread drowning in cheese with an occasional mushroom popping out to complete the experience. YUM YUM YUM.

Then came what Myron's calls The Best Beef Hash...Ever! If you love sisig, you'll love this. Because it tastes the same except Myron's version is beefed up with, well, Angus Beef. The diced deep fried potatoes on top gives this dish a lovely finishing touch.

We also ordered Skewered Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp with Romesco Sauce, Rissoto Balls with Chorizo and Mesclun Salad with Tuna but they were not as memorable. In fact, I'd even say the shrimp wasn't good.

But we weren't here for appetizers were we? We were here for BEEF! And I ordered 240g of it. Presenting Bianca's Choice Steak - a slice of medium rare Angus Beef topped with Foie Gras, with a siding of baked potato, served with 5 choices of sauce.

240g is a LOT of beef. And my steak already cooled down considerably before I could even finish half of it. It was juicy and tender and cooked really well. And though not as tasty on it's own, the sauces made it come alive. My favorites were Peppercorn and the Shiraz-Cabernet Shallot Jus. That steak just made my day. In fact I took a cellphone picture of it just so I could MMS it to people and make them jealous. Then I took the digicam picture below to make the Internet jealous. Hehe.

Then I devoured it. Like a wolf that has been crossing desserts for days, I pounced on that cow and left nary a trace. Nor did any of my other officemates.

Our metals have become a cow. And the cow became an empty plate.

And as we complained about how tight our pants were getting and how we could no longer stand up, we summoned the waiter over and ordered dessert. Chocolate Mousse, Bread Pudding and Chocolate Fondue to be exact.

I don't have any recollection of how we managed to roll ourselves out of Greenbelt 5 and back into our office cubicles but one thing was for sure, if that meal was meant to motivate us then I say mission accomplished.

I'd win a metal to get to eat a Myron's steak again. Heck, I'd win to eat that rye bread again.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meat and the Mafia: Good Fellas Kamuning QC

The night I decided to document what I eat was during my second visit to Good Fellas.

I first discovered Good Fellas while trolling the internet one lazy afternoon for somewhere new to dine. And thankfully, the boyfriend was willing enough to help me scour Quezon City to find it. We say it was worth the gas and the traffic. And thus in less than a week we were back.

Good Fellas is a restaurant located in Kamuning St. Quezon City. It is around 3 minutes away from EDSA and is near another restaurant called Taumbayan. It is a cozy restaurant with dark wooden chairs, red walls and of course framed Mafia movie screen caps. I couldn't really relate to the pictures (I haven't watched either Good Fellas or God Father. Yes. Yes, I will. I promise.) but I'm sure fans of the genre will love it.

Good Fellas is mainly a meat place. Their specialty is Angus beef steak in varying cuts. The boyfriend ordered (for the second time in a row) the House Steak cooked medium rare.

The meat immediately yields to the knife and surrenders to the teeth. It has a nice grilled taste that no longer needs gravy or A1 sauce. It goes perfectly with the chunky mashed potato siding.

On this occasion, I order the Johnny Roastbeef sandwich. It is ciabatta bread filled with sauteed roast beef. It is served with fries and red iced tea. Although I loved the texture of the beef, I found it a tad too salty. But I am a woman who doesn't salt her Mcdo fries. So it depends really.

My favorite though (and the dish that I unfortunately do not have a picture of) is what I ordered during my first visit - The Jimmy Two Times. What it is, is 2 pork chops cooked in two different ways. One is deep fried in tempura-like batter while the other is grilled to tender tender perfection. The fried one is okay and is a bit in need of ketchup and worcestershire but its grilled twin? OH MY YUM.
It was the most perfect pork chop I've had (dare I say it?) in my life. It inspired giddiness and salivating and the actual contemplation of ordering and devouring the dish again that same night.

After that meal, the boyfriend and I remained seated for a good hour, staring blankly at the wall, patting our worthy-of-pregnancy bellies, counting the days till our third visit. Maybe tonight?

Still A Food Diary

I am perpetually trying to diet. Week after week I promise myself that this is the last time I'm letting a grain of rice trespass my lips, or a fried breadcrumb enter my mouth, or a chocolate mousse invade my belly. But week after week I discover some new restaurant or recipe and the promise fails much to the dismay of my pants and wallet.

What can I do? I love food.

The boyfriend suggested - as I was devouring a slab of pork chop - that I should consider starting a food blog. The idea seemed like too much work at the time. But somehow it started making sense. And so here I am.

Besides, don't leading diet experts say that keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to lose weight? And isn't a food blog kinda sorta like a food diary? So, hey! Maybe this will even work for my waistline.