Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Iskrambol: Iskrambol Rockwell Urban Bazaar

Before anyone thinks that I only eat meat, today I am reviewing a dessert.

Does anyone here remember skrambol? I'm not really sure what the exact ingredients are but people tell me that it's mainly crushed ice mixed with syrup, strawberry flavoring, chocolate syrup and powdered milk. In high school, a manong would sell this every dismissal time. He'd be standing just outside the school gate ready to pry what's left of the students' baon in exchange for this sweet treat.

But one day, my classmate (John Michael, hello!) bought a glass. And as he was happily eating it with his other friends, he took one last swig of his skrambol and what does he discover? He discovers a dead bangaw. Not lamok. Not langaw. BANGAW. (Big ass fly).

I have never tasted skrambol before that incident and I never did hence. Until today.

At Rockwell Mall's Urban Bazaar is a colorful stall manned by 2 lovely ladies. Their ware? Iskrambol. And just like other things that are now preceded by an I (Ipad, Ipod, Iphone...), this was also touted to be the skrambol to end all other skrambols. Not only was it priced at an affordable 20 pesos (for a large cup. It's 10 pesos for a small cup), it is also guaranteed to be made in sanitary conditions. Best of all, real strawberries were used to give it that extra worthy-of-Rockwell X factor.

I ordered a cup and asked for extra choco sprinkles on top. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and ate it.

And I loved it! It was smooth and creamy and the strawberries tasted real and not at all mediciney. And the chocolate sprinkles contrasted well with the iskrambol's overall sweet-sour fruity taste.

There were no unwanted surprises to be found at the end of the cup either. Just a hunger for more.

Catch Iskrambol at Rockwell's Urban Bazaar from Aug 27 - Aug 29 2010.


  1. ang gwapo nung nasa last picture! hahahahaha!

  2. grabe no? haha! :D thanks for visiting missy!!! sarap ng iskrambol ni Maan!