Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Steak!: Myron's Place Greenbelt

Yesterday, my team's metals turned into a grilled cow.

Our ECD treated me and my officemates to Myron's Place at Greenbelt 5. Not one to turn down the offer of free food, I was there the moment the clock struck 12 noon.

The waiters and the staff were really friendly and accommodating but it does not hasten food service. You really have to allow at least 15 mins. for your orders (may it be a main or an appetizer) to arrive.

But not to worry because Myron's has the best free bread in the whole wide world.

It's a warm, soft, sweet rye bread served with butter. You don't have to take my word on how comfortingly delicious the bread was. You can just ask the waitress how many refills of that bread we requested ALL THROUGH OUT THE MEAL. We probably wiped their stock clean. Trust me. It's divine.

The gluttony continued with a set of appetizers.

First off was the Mushroom Crostini. Let me just say right now that I love cheese. I just love it. And the Mushroom Crostini was just a cheese-lovers fantasy. It was melted cheese porn. I loved every bite of the crunchy bread drowning in cheese with an occasional mushroom popping out to complete the experience. YUM YUM YUM.

Then came what Myron's calls The Best Beef Hash...Ever! If you love sisig, you'll love this. Because it tastes the same except Myron's version is beefed up with, well, Angus Beef. The diced deep fried potatoes on top gives this dish a lovely finishing touch.

We also ordered Skewered Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp with Romesco Sauce, Rissoto Balls with Chorizo and Mesclun Salad with Tuna but they were not as memorable. In fact, I'd even say the shrimp wasn't good.

But we weren't here for appetizers were we? We were here for BEEF! And I ordered 240g of it. Presenting Bianca's Choice Steak - a slice of medium rare Angus Beef topped with Foie Gras, with a siding of baked potato, served with 5 choices of sauce.

240g is a LOT of beef. And my steak already cooled down considerably before I could even finish half of it. It was juicy and tender and cooked really well. And though not as tasty on it's own, the sauces made it come alive. My favorites were Peppercorn and the Shiraz-Cabernet Shallot Jus. That steak just made my day. In fact I took a cellphone picture of it just so I could MMS it to people and make them jealous. Then I took the digicam picture below to make the Internet jealous. Hehe.

Then I devoured it. Like a wolf that has been crossing desserts for days, I pounced on that cow and left nary a trace. Nor did any of my other officemates.

Our metals have become a cow. And the cow became an empty plate.

And as we complained about how tight our pants were getting and how we could no longer stand up, we summoned the waiter over and ordered dessert. Chocolate Mousse, Bread Pudding and Chocolate Fondue to be exact.

I don't have any recollection of how we managed to roll ourselves out of Greenbelt 5 and back into our office cubicles but one thing was for sure, if that meal was meant to motivate us then I say mission accomplished.

I'd win a metal to get to eat a Myron's steak again. Heck, I'd win to eat that rye bread again.


  1. "My favorites were Peppercorn and the Shiraz-Cabernet Shallot Jus."

    Peppercorn FTW! :D

  2. I loooooved the Peppercorn! Come here na Acid! So excited for the 9th!