Friday, January 21, 2011


It's Friday! And I am planning my restaurant itineraries for the weekend.
Do I try the new night food market at the Fort? Do I go to Binondo and eat siomai?
Do I try every salad on's Top Salads list? Do I go to Maginhawa St. and revisit Tomato Kick and I Heart Froyo? Do indulge in some Sonoma Chicken from Kitch Cafe in Makati?

I am salivating!

Happy weekend everyone! Happy eating!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Belated Happy New Year! : Crave Burger

Belated. That is exactly what has happened to this food blog.
I have been remiss with my writing duties despite the fact that I haven't missed a meal.
With the great deal I have tasted in the last 3 months, this blog should already be overflowing.

So, this entry marks my first official resolution for 2011: To update this blog weekly.

And I will start fulfilling this resolution with a review of Crave Burger.

I was driving home when I passed through White Plains and saw Crave.
I've been seeing it for quite some time now but never really felt compelled to try it (it could be because everywhere there seems to be a new burger joint) and that lack of compulsion was increased by the lack of parking (on hindsight though, a filled parking area should have enticed me.)

But it was 30 mins to 10, and it was nearing closing time so there were no other cars and no other customers - just me and my desire to do something fun before going home.

I ordered their simplest Crave Burger meal which consisted of a burger, fries and blue lemonade.

The burger I got had perfectly toasted buns and a meat patty so soft there seemed to be no need to chew on it. It was very filling and very tasty although I have to admit that I wanted a little more bite.

The fries were perfect - hot, slightly crispy, salted. I have to commend the staff for still serving me freshly-cooked fries despite the fact that it was minutes before they could run off to their own lives. I fully appreciated the extra effort.

For the service and my desire to sample their fish and fries meal, I'd definitely come back to Crave. And maybe this time I'll bring some friends with me.

Crave Burger
White Plains