Monday, April 25, 2011

Pampanga Feast: Cs Italian Restaurant

For some it was a grueling 12 rounds of presentations, for some it was simply a grueling work week, for some still it was an excuse to pig out. But whatever our reasons were, there was no stopping me and my officemates from eating our way across Angeles, Pampanga.

First stop is the Tatler-awarded Italian restaurant C'. Unimpressive facade under the 11:30 am sun, it would be a fault to judge it by just that.

Inside, it's Italy. There are brick walls, warm lighting, wine racks and paintings. I could feel that this place was going to cost me half of my Pampanga Feast money. Which I wouldn't mind if it was worth it.

And it was. We started with 2 types of Panizza.

The first is called the Don Carmelo and is very thin pizza topped with chorizo, anchovies and peccorino cheese. It is as salty as it sounds but is adequately tempered once rolled with the accompanying arugula and alfalfa sprouts.

ANGSARAAAAAP! Every bite was an invitation to roll more and more panizzas so you could eat more and more.

The second panizza was the slightly healthier Primavera. Still paper thin and still loaded with yummy melted cheese, the health I'm claiming comes from the roasted bell peppers, mushrooms and artichokes that sit gloriously on top of it.

Less salty than the Don Carmelo, it still is better eaten with the aragula and alfalfa.

And is pizza rolls were not filling enough, we also ordered a Risotto Rustico. A melt in your mouth risotto made of rice reduced in what seems to be a chicken broth topped with chicken tenders, artichokes, snow peas and cheese.

It was a very comforting dish. I'd love to eat this on a cold rainy day while nursing colds (sans the officemate's face of course).

The last dish we had in C was not a dessert but a pasta - because what is Italian without pasta?

We ordered a Penne Roberto, which is penne pasta cooked in cream, chicken tenders, sundried tomatoes and roasted garlic. Best savory dessert ever!

But we also needed real dessert - the sweet kind.

And so the trip continued...


  1. Wow, this place looks promising. Your descriptions made me very interested. Where exactly is it in Angeles?

  2. our digital camera still has pictures of your pampanga adventure :)