Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meat My Soft Spot: Army Navy

I have a soft spot for burgers (my belly, to be precise). I have eaten quite a few and Army Navy's classic quarter pound burger, remains as one of the more memorable.

Last night, I decided that the memory needed rekindling. And so off I went to the Army Navy branch in Dela Rosa and ordered the Classic Burger with sauteed onions and cheese. The boyfriend got a Chicken Burrito. And we decided to split an order of Freedom Fries.

My burger arrived with bacon and cheese instead of onions and cheese, we had it replaced but my burger instead came back with sauteed onions, cheese AND bacon. Perhaps it was their way for thanking me for my honesty (bacon costs more than onions)? Or perhaps they really were giving bacon away, I will never know.

But I do know that it did make my burger a tad more greasy, a tad more salty and thus a tad more perfect. I loved every messy, oily bite.

The Freedom Fries were shoestring thin and crispy and covered in KFC-Fries type batter that gave it an orange color and a peppery taste. Too bad though that the oil they used was probably a bit burnt because the fries had an aftertaste.

The boyfriend's chicken burrito was large, meaty and flavorful. I confess to only having a bite, but it was enough to taste all the flavors. I especially like the bean paste and the saltiness of the rice.

I walked out of that restaurant with my soft spot twice as big (my trainer will kill me) and my memories very much alive.

Ah, beef. How lovely you taste in between buns.

Army Navy, Solaris One Dela Rosa St. Makati (near Makati Med)


  1. i love wham also...or maybe because it's more accessible for me..anyway..just like you, burger is burger! :)

  2. hello! :D Ay, love ko din ang WHAM! I used to always eat at their katipunan branch. pero top 2 ko right now is Charlies and Stackers. I also want to try the one in Maginhawa St. and the one sa Mercato. (o ha! andami kong pera. :p)

  3. Oh Army Navy, how I love you. Hahaha! :P