Friday, September 24, 2010

Worth the Wait: Krazy Garlic Greenbelt 5

I have waited for Krazy Garlic to open the day I saw the boarded walls in Greenbelt 5 bannering its imminent coming. Whenever I got the chance, I'd peek to see if it were finally open.

On the day I found out that it was in fact open, I was a pauper. My wallet was hooked up on life support as it painfully held on to the promise of sweldo day. The kind and wise thing to do of course was to let my wallet fully recover but I am not really known for my self-control. So, cruelly I suppose, I kidnapped the boyfriend and the already ailing wallet for a weekend feast.

There is one thing that should be said early:
The food is not as garlicky as I imagined.

I guess for those wary that Krazy Garlic may be overwhelming, this will assuage their fears. For those like me who expect clove mountains everywhere - it's a bit of a let down. But only momentarily.

Because once you get past the fact that vampires may be able to live through this restaurant's realize that you are in the presence of really good, really hefty food.

For our lunch, we ordered garlic bread, Hara Kiri Fried Rice, and their Grilled Porkchops.

The garlic bread is basically toasted french bread that was drenched in butter and topped with chopped garlic. And though I loved the crunch of the bread, I could have done with less butter.

The Hara Kiri, on the other hand, was lovely. The rice was hot and there were so many bits and pieces in it that it was basically an entree. I loved how each spoonful would have octopus and bacon and chili in it. Yum!

The Grilled Porkchops were also a great choice. Each slab was big and meaty and devoid of unnecessary fat. And the chops' glaze gave it a sweet-salty-garlicky kick. I loved the roasted whole garlic that came with the dish, allowing me to kind of ice my meat with self-mashed garlic cloves. The pork on the rice was perfect sinful happiness.

And the best thing about this belly busting meal? We were lucky enough to dine on the day their VP for Operations, Mr. Bob Santos, was around. Because for some weird and inexplicable (yet totally welcome) reason, he gave us free dessert!

He recommended the apple tart ala mode which he claimed to be his favorite and of course, the boyfriend and I very readily agreed to give it a taste.

The apples on the tart were aptly tart and it played with the cinnamon well. It reminds me of warm cider. The apples were a lovely contrast to the cold, sweet, and milky vanilla ice cream it was served with. The loveliest part of the dish though, was the base. I loved the flaky bread and its nutty undertones. It gave the dessert its needed solidity. It's a dessert I would've gladly paid for.

Overall, Krazy Garlic was definitely worth the wait and worth the wallet-suicidal-mission visit.

Next time, I'm trying the Crema Catalana. I'm quite curious to find out how creme brulee with garlic tastes like.

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