Friday, September 24, 2010

What Weighs 500 pounds and flies? : Buffalo Wings and Things Ortigas Home Depot

I have a thing for people who have a thing for buffalo wings.

The best friend loves her wings with a siding of fries. She orders them mild and eats it with her fingers. Her favorite way to wash it down is with a tall, cold glass of Vodka 7. The vodka must be Absolut Kurant of course.

The boyfriend on the other hand, loves his wings extra spicy. And although he loves fries with a passion, rice seems to be his carbohydrate of choice when taming these flaming pieces of meat. He then chases it all down with ice cold beer.

That brings us to one of our favorite places for wings - Buffalo Wings and Things at the Ortigas Home Depot.

The wings here are perfection. I've visited on a rainy night, a balmy night, an afternoon, a crowded weekend, a laid back Monday and yet the wings remain consistently big, juicy, crunchy, tasty, and filling. The sauce is salty and tangy and will cling on to your lips like a kiss. And depending on the variant you order, things can get pretty hot pretty fast.

But as brave as me and my boyfriend claim to be, we have yet to gamble on an order of their Nuclear and Armageddon wings. For now at least, we settle for the delicious and nasty burn of their Firehouse Classic, preferably a pound of it.
(I wonder, has anyone been brave enough to try either of the above? How was it?)

Right up there with the chicken is my favorite NY Dirty Rice or what I call Burrito Rice. It is the perfect chaser for every crunchy bite of your wing.

Buffalo Wings and Things have other things on their menu. Like hotdog sandwiches and quesadillas. But they supremely pale in comparison to the specialty. They are, as the restaurant name itself implies, mere things. Garnishes to the Buffalo king.

What weighs 500 pounds and flies? In awhile, me. I'm flying off to Ortigas right now in fact. HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. Nikki and Van love their Armageddon wings! I think they've both tried Nuclear as well. Grabe, di ba?! Sabagay, kumakain si Nikki ng sili! Haha! :-D