Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Dinner! : Lorenzo's Way Greenbelt 5

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to be overfed. And on this, my 26th, everyone I knew seemed to have the single minded goal of of making me gain 24 pounds in 24 hours.

I had my fill of La Grotta (I forgot to take pics :P), Amber's birthday spaghetti, Greenwich Overloaded pizzas and ,of course, Goldilock's mocha cake.

The boyfriend capped my day full of eating with a night filled with eating still.
He whisked me off to Lorenzo's Way.

The birthday feast started with an order of Paneer Makhani. Listed under the Vegetables section and touted as the restaurant's Vegetarian's Choice, you would think that this dish would be the bastion of healthy. Not so. Made with fried cheese blocks in tomato curry sauce and served with rotti, Paneer Makhani is definitely a lip-smacking good dish but it will do nothing for bikini body aspirations. Thank God I have none. (Well, not at this moment. :P)

Up next was the unapologetically sinful Knock Out Knuckles. It's your favorite crispy pata (deep-fried pork leg) amped up with garlic and chili oil. Each bite was a medley of crunch, tenderness and water-grabbing spice. We ordered garlic rice to go with it. And although, I commend the flavors of the restaurant's garlic rice, it was a bit too much to be paired with something deep fried. We should have stuck with plain.

This heady heart-racing meal was capped off with a glass each of wine. The boyfriend says it's Chilean. I couldn't really tell the difference or discuss its notes and tannins and whatnot but I did know it was the perfect end to a very perfect, very filling meal. Yey! I love birthdays!

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